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Hot Melt Coating Machine And Medical Tapes

Origin:Xuteng company
Time:2013-09-23 14:36:06

Hot Melt Coating Machine And Medical Tapes

According to the difference of base material and application, Medical tape have all kinds of name, for example: Nonwoven medical tap, Nonwoven wound dressing tape, medical bandage, elastic medical bandage, bandage dressing tape, spanlace dressing tape bandage, medical gauze bandage and so on. But many of medical tapes are made by hot melt coating machine at present. Because these products are formed with hot melt glue.

 Compared to water based glue or latex base glue. Hot melt adhesive does not contain any solvents, hot melt adhesive does not pollute the environment, and hot melt adhesive under normal temperature is solid, which can be made, thin film shape, strip or lump, packaging, storage, transportation and hot melt adhesive is convenient to use; Hot melt coating machine covers an area of less, fast adhesion. Hot melt adhesive coating machine under heating molten state, cooling after curing adhesive is completed, hot melt coating machine is suitable for automatic production line, high production efficiency, the cost of hot melt coating machine is low.

Many medical tapes are made when hot melt coating machine is coating pressure-sensitive adhesive on surface of nonwoven or fabric, then laminating with all kinds of release paper or silicon paper.


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