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The laminating problem of paper and nonwovens

Origin:Eon Company
Time:2011-06-16 15:52:29

The laminating problem of paper and nonwovens


When hot melt coating & laminating machine is used to laminate the paper and nonwovens, a problem will always happen. When the hot melt glue is coated on the paper and laminated with nonwovens, the paper will be longer and longer than the nonwovens along with machine running. The reason of this phenomenon should be two below:


1.      The problem should be caused by tension of nonwovens. The tension of nonwovens is not controlled well, and makes the nonwovens shorten after laminating.


2.      The rewinding shaft is not big enough. Because the material will lost elasticity after laminating, the material outside will be longer than the one inside.


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