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Hot Melt Coating Machine is widely used in Furniture

Origin:Xuteng company
Time:2013-05-08 15:32:39

Hot melt glue is used in wood industry to sealing sides, laminating the wood material and connecting the furniture at present. The hot melt coating machine is imported in other country before in china. But now the technology of hot melt coating machine from China is more and more imported. So that our company researched the right hot melt coating machine which can suitable for making the furniture material.

The wood material which is made by hot melt coating machine can not only can improve the quality of furniture and class, and can improve the production efficiency, reduce the difficulty of the repair panel, relieve the workers labor intensity 

Furniture hot melt adhesive is a kind of special in artificial plate adhesive paste, it is a kind of environmental protection, solvent-free thermoplastic rubber.

When heated to a certain temperature in hot melt adhesive, namely by solid state into molten, when hot melt coating machine can coat or sealing side of man-made board base material surface, cooling into a solid, the material with the base material of adhesive.

Ruian City Xuteng Hot Melt Machinery Co., Ltd is an enterprise which focuses on the research, development and production of hot melt glue spraying and coating machines. The company can make all kinds of hot melt machines especially for clients according to the special requirement.

The major products of Xuteng Company are Hot Melt coating & Laminating machine for making label paper, medical tape and paper tape and so on, Hot Melt Box Sealer, Hot Melt Case Sealer, Hot Melt Case Forming Machine (i.e. carton and tray), Hot Melt Powder Spraying Machine. The products can be used to make label paper, sticker paper, the adhesive sticker, tapes paper, double sticky tape, label paper, medical tapes, medical bandage; and TPU hot melt sheet for shoes; hot melt film (PE, PA, PU, EVA); non-woven coating, laminating between non-woven and other material; coating and laminating of shell fabric for clothes; Hot Melt Insulation Laminating (DMD/NMN/NHN).



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