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The investment report of TPU Low-temp hot melt sheet

Origin:Eon company
Time:2012-05-18 14:12:47

The investment report of TPU Low-temp hot melt sheet


My company researched TPU hot melt coating machine, which is making the TPU low-temp hot melt sheet. The working process of TPU hot melt coating machine is that TPU hot melt glue will be coated in cloth (fiber glass cloth, fine cloth and so on), which will be form of hot melt glue sheet. Hot melt glue sheet has high viscosity, high hardness and high elasticity, which still can be finalized the design in low temperature. TPU hot melt sheet is used to be the toe box and heel cap of leather shoes, riding boots, woman's shoe, sports shoe and so on.


In china, my company has imported the technology from Taiwan at the earliest. After many years of practice and exploration, we has made the TPU hot melt coating machine with my company brand. We are the earliest manufacturer who can make TPU hot melt coating machine. At present, There are more than 20 shoe material making company who has used our TPU hot melt coating machine in china.


The main Characteristic of our TPU hot melt coating machine:

1.    Our Company specially make the die head of curtain coating for TPU Low-Temp Hot Melt Coating Machine

2.    The centre technology of die head is the melt flow analysis technique, Combined with CAD/CAM/CAE computer engineering technology and high precision CNC processing center. The curtain coating die head has complicated and streamline flow channel.

3.    We specially choose the Specific screw compression ratio and screw mixed institution. Which is very suitable for low-temperature hot melt glue (TPU polyurethanes).

4.    Die head adopts advanced hydraulic change nets device, the operation is fast and hommization.

5.    The whole extruding machine in TPU hot melt coating machine can be adjusted in three direction

6.    The cooling of main machine roller adopts inner helix structure, the gap of roller can be adjusted easily.



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