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RT1600 Transfer Coating Machine for Medical Tape

RT1600 Transfer Coating Machine for Medical Tapes

A.     Transfer Coating Machine Application

l        For  making  2  different  types  of  medical  tape  with  single-sided adhesive coating.

l        Medical tape type 1: Cloth tape with smooth adhesive coating

l        Medical tape type 2: Cloth tape with porous adhesive coating

l        Fabric material:  100% cotton fabric cloth

l        Adhesive type: Using hot melt adhesive, white solid blocks (Composition: Thermoplastic rubber and synthetic resin. Pressure sensitive with Zinc Oxide.)

B.    Coating Machine Requirements

l        Coating method: Transfer roller coating

l        Groove transfer roller: 2 sets (one to make smooth coating and one to make porous coating)

l        Glue: Hot melt adhesive, white solid blocks  

l        Maximum coating width: 1600mm

l        Coating weight: 20-150g/m2

l        Max Machine speed: 50m/min

l        Roller length: 1700mm

l        Max Dia. of rewind: 1000mm

l        Max Dia. of unwind: 1000mm

l        Unwind device:  1 set

l        Rewind device:   1 set

l        Minimum Hot melt tank capacity: 200kg

l        Minimum Adhesive melting speed: 130kg/h

l        Glue hose: Teflon material, withstand 230

C.    Coating Component Parts

l        Coating head: Heavy-duty alloy steel that can bear high temperature.

l        Coating roller: Oil heated steel roller with grooved-pattern surface with two circumgyrate tie-ins. 

l        Cooling roller: Anti-stick roller with two circumgyrate tie-ins

l        Compound roller: steel roller coated silicone gel material with two circumgyrate tie-ins

D.    Hot melt tank

l        Uses built-in molten heater

l        An adhesive pump that can bear high temperature

l        The high temperature is 230

E.     Oil heater machine

l        One oil heater machine is needed for making medical tape


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