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Textile Fabric Hot Melt Powder Coating Machine

Textile Fabric Hot Melt Powder Coating Machine

A.  Range of application

RTF1300 Textile Fabric Hot Melt Powder Coating Machine can be used to coat the surface of woven and non-woven fabric with hot melt glue powder, then heat the powder and make powder and fabric sticky together.

The user can choose the laminating part and make the powdered fabric bond with other material to produce various fusible interlinings.

RTF1300 Textile Fabric Hot Melt Powder Coating Machine is suitable for thermoplastic adhesives (TPU,PE,EVA,EVAL,PES,PA ).

B.  Technical parameter

1.       Max. available width: 1300mm

2.       Powder weight: 10-200 g/m2

3.       Length of all roller surface: 1400mm

4.       Max. unwinding diameter: 1000mm

5.       Max. rewinding diameter: 1000mm

6.       Unwinding equipment: 1 set

7.       Rewinding equipment: 1 set

8.       Oven equipment: 1 set

9.       Scattering equipment: 1 set

10.   Total Power: app. 60KW

C.  Main working parts

a)     unwinding part

1.        Adopt automatically lifting system;

2.        Unwinding shaft: 3 inch air shaft; 1 piece each part (total: 1 pieces)

3.        Adopt automatic web guiding system: 1 set each part (total: 1 sets)

4.        Adopt tension control system:
Magnetic powder brake: 100N M, 1 piece each part (total: 1 pieces)


b)     Scattering powder part.


1.        Adopt engraved carrying roller and brush roller to powder;
Engraved carrying roller: 1 piece;
Brush roller: 1 piece.

2.        Web extending roller: 1 piece.

3.        Stainless steel powder feeding tank: 1 piece.

4.        Vibratory supporting base: 1 piece.

5.      Stainless steel spare powder collecting tank: 1 piece.


c)     Oven part

1.        The oven is used to melt the powder and make it sticky with web.

2.        Temperature of oven is controlled by PID temperature control instrument, and keeps constant. The temperature difference is within 2 degree.

3.        The oven is composed of 3 units. Every unit is controlled independently.

4.        Heating method: electric.

5.        Heating tube: 27 pieces (9 pieces each).

6.        Conveyor belt: heat-resistant Teflon conveyor belt.

7.        The Oven conveyor belt is made of heat-resistant Teflon.

8.        The size of oven is length 6m* width 1.8m.


heat-resistant Teflon conveyor belt.


d)     Laminating Part (optional)

1.        Cooling roller: Diameter 215mm chromed steel roller with 2 rotary connector

2.        Laminating roller: Diameter 215mm silicon rubber roller with 2 rotary connector

3.        Guide roller: Diameter 80mm aluminum roller, surface anodic protection

4.        Transmission roller: Diameter 190mm adhibition preventing coat on the surface with 2 rotary connector .

f)         Rewinding part

1.        Rewinding shaft: 3 inch  air shaft; 1 pieces, rotary synchronously

2.        Max rewinding diameter: 1000mm.

3.        Adopt tension control system:
Magnetic powder brake: 100N M, total: 1 pieces


h)     Electric part

1.       Main machine transducer: 3 sets (3.7 KW; 1.5kw; 0.75KW)

2.        Motor: 4 sets (4KW ;1.5KW; 0.75KW ;1.1KW)

3.       Temperature controller: digital PID ( MADE IN TAIWAN)

3.       Electric heating tube: 2KW 1 piece. ( there are 27 piece)


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