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Hot melt coating machine with rotogravure roller

Hot Melt Coating Machine with Rotogravure Roller



Hot melt coating machine with rotogravure roller is suitable for making medicine tape and medical material. The working process of Rotogravure coater hot melt coating machine is firstly coating zinc oxide hot melt adhesive on medical material, then heated rotogravure coater will press on the glue layer and make pattern shown on the glue layer.


Technical parameter

1.        Coating method: doctor blade.

2.        Max. available coating width: 1100mm

3.        Coating quality: 10-500g/m2

4.        Equality level: 20g-45g/ ≤±3g

5.        Length of all roller: 1200mm

6.        Max. line speed: 50m/min

7.        Max. rewinding diameter: 1000mm

8.        Max. unwinding diameter: 1000mm

9.        Unwinding equipment: 1 set

10.   Rewinding equipment: 1 set

11.   RP120 hot melt sprayer: 1 set

12.   Length of glue-carrying: 3m

13.   Temperature: 230

14.   Power: app. 60KW

15.   Power supply: ~380V±15%  50Hz

16.   The quantity of glue can be adjusted independently or synchronously with the main machine.



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