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RTB300 hot melt coating machine with PLC

RTB300 Hot Melt Coating machine is suitable for making the self adhesive label, medicine bandage, tape, shoes material and so on.
B. Main characteristic
RTB300 Hot Melt Coating machine adopts Cantilever Type structure for loading and unloading the material easily and can coat the material up to a width of 400mm. so it is standard and ideal equipment for one-person operation. If it is equipped with the tension controller of magnetic powder, you can obtain high production efficiency.

D. Technical parameter
1. Coating method: slot die Coating system (The hot melt is pumped from the melter to the slot die mounted across the web substrate.)
2. Max available coating width: 350mm.
3. Coating Weight: 10-200g/m2
4. Equality level:0.003mm
5. Max. working speed: 50m/min
6. Length of all roller: 400mm
7. Unwinding equipment: 2 set
8. Rewinding equipment: 1 set
9. Unwinding Diameter: 550mm
10. Rewinding Diameter: 600mm
11. Correction Edge Device: 2 sets
12. The capacity of hot melt tank is 60kg.
13. Max temperature of hot melt tank: 230
14. Length: 2480mm
15. Height: 1350mm
16. Power: app. 15KW
17. Power supply: 380V 15%  50Hz
18. The quantity of glue can be adjusted independently or synchronously with the main machine.
E. Main working parts
a) Unwinding part (two sets)
1. Adopt single mechanism unwinding design
2. Magnetic powder brake for unwinding: 2.5N•M; 2 sets
3. Unwinding shaft: 3inch air shaft; the paper core inner diameter: 76mm. 2 sets
4. Unwinding adopts automatic deviation correcting equipment. 2 sets
b) Coating, laminating part
1. Heating roller: 120mm special steel roller
2. Silicon rubber pressing roller: 120mm silicon rubber
3. Cooling roller: 155mm steel roller with chromeplate
4. Antiseize driver roller: 155mm, teflon-coated
c) Rewinding part (one set)
1. Adopt single mechanism center rewinding design
2. Magnetic powder brake for rewinding: 1.2N•M; 1set
3. Rewinding shaft: 3 inch air shaft; the paper core inner diameter: 76mm.
4. Rewinding length can be controlled automatically or manually
d) Adhesive melter (RP60)
1. Melting glue output speed: 60Kg per hour.
2. Tank volume: 100Kg per time
3. Use aluminum alloy to build. Three-layer (upper and lower) structure. There is Telfon preventing coating layer on the inside surface.
4. Adopt high-temperature-resistant high-precision gear glue pump: Resisted to 300 temperature
5. The glue pump speed is controlled by gear motor
6. Adopt high precision filter which is set outside
7. Temperature of each layer is controlled by PID system independently; the temperature will be shown and controlled digitally on melter box.
8. Max. temperature is 230
9. Heating power: app. 15KW
e) Transmission part
1. Main motor: 1.5KW 1 set
2. Main machine use belt, chain, and gear to transmit
f) Pneumatic control part
1. Cylinder on coating head: 40mm 1 pieces
2. Cylinder on laminating roller: 40mm1 pieces
g) Electric part
1. Main machine transducer: 1.5 KW
2. Temperature controller: digital PID
3. Glue tank transducer: 0.4KW


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