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PUR200 Drum melter with hot Melt Adhesive


Range of application:

1.      PUR200 Drum melter with hot melt adhesive is suitable for automobile industry, including interior decorating sealing, vehicle lamp manufacturing, windshield assemble, vehicle door manufacture.

2.      Non-textile cloth industry, including paper diapers, adult diapers, sanitary towel , etc, disposable goods.

3.      Coating compounding industry, including trademark paper, Label, dual-side tape, pharmaceutical breathable tape, garments cloth compounding.

4.      Product assembly industry, including electric equipment, furniture, wire cable.

5.      Packaging industry, including products packaging, chain pendant stick.

Main characteristic:

1.      Heat melt gradually: with contacting heat plate of gum quality, when reaching melt point, it will melt; it can be do that according to the request to meet the demand.

2.      Glue quality and air insulated: the liquid glue in the bucket can be not contact with air under the role of circle sealing completely.

3.      Coating Teflon protection layer: heating plate surface coating Telfon to prevent carbonating to ensure its quality and reduce blocking.

4.      Glue quantity output with stepless adjusting: motor controlled by precise gear pump adopts stepless convertor. It can control glue output precisely.

5.      Main motor operating humanization: when the temperature of heating plate doesnt reach the set value, the main motor doesnt work, thus the operator can run it correctly.

6.    Heating plate signal indicating: when the heating plate reaches the bottom of bucket, the stroke switch will send out signal.


PUR200 Drum melter


200kg(55 gallon)

Bucket size

Inner diameter 571

Plasticizing speed


(melt viscosity 1500-2000m/pas)

Temperature control scope


Glue output


Heating power


Main motor

1.5KW 1:30

Power supply

50HZ 380V

Over dimensions



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