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RP60 Hot Melt Glue Spraying Machine


RP60 Hot Melt Glue Spraying Machine


Main characteristic:

1.    The surface of glue melting oven is coated with the Teflon anti sticking layer, efficacious prevent the hot melt glue against carbonization, reduce jam.

2.    The gear pump adopts frequency conversion which accurate control adhesive capacity output.

3.    Double filter can eliminate impurity to prevent the spray head from blockage.

4.    The system with cooling device can prevent the pump from damage.

5.    RP60 Hot Melt Glue Spraying Machine adopts temperature protection function which can prevent the device from damage.


Range of application

RP60 Hot Melt Glue Spraying Machine is suitable for Filter,car lamp and so on.


Storage capacity:60kg

Plasticizing speed:60kg/h

Max output of glue:60kg/h

Power: 12KW

Range of temperature control:50-230

Quantity of spraying heads:1-4 bars

Over dimension:10008201000mm

The data is measured by EVA glue with the stickness of 3000CPS.



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