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RT100 High Speed Hot Melt Coating Machine

RT100 High Speed Hot Melt Coating Machine

Main Characteristic:

1.        100m/min high speed has already reached the international most advanced level.

2.        Rewind and unwind both adopt double position and equip with semi-automatic to connect paper device, RT100 hot melt coating machine can change the rolls of base material nonstop. It will reduce the waste when the machine must rerun in order to change the rolls.

3.        Rewinding and unwinding adopts EPC correct device.

4.        High precision alloy steel die head make sure the customer can get the best coating effection.


Range of application:

RT100 Hot Melt Coating Machine is used to make double-sided adhesive tapes, cloth-base tapes, double-sided foam tape, cleaning tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, aluminum foil tape, fiber tape, medical dressing tape, adhesive tapes, advertisement jet printing material, etc.



Technical parameters



Coating width


Coating weight


Coating speed


Unwinding dimensions


Rewinding dimensions


Correction device

2 set

Length of machine


Height of machine



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